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How can we help more businesses succeed?  A reasonable question and in today’s climate a significant factor for any business achieving success.  When Richard and some of his closest friends discussed this at length, the one comment that kept being made was, we can help businesses with a whole lot more than just office supplies or Auto Enrolment.

Hence The Business Supermarket was born.  A simple yet powerful concept that would help any company with all manner of business activities.  Having collective business experience of more than 100 years means that we have significant knowledge, understanding and a great deal of common sense.

The goal of The Business Supermarket is to meet the demands of modern day businesses with a range of services that complement,  help and ultimately save you money.  The more money you save, the higher your profit and the healthier your cash flow will be – it’s all about money and a great service.

A personal message from Richard Heath

Welcome to the Business Supermarket experience….    The brand new business supermarket and a whole lot more!

Can you imagine life without supermarkets? How many different shops would you have to visit in order to purchase all the products and services needed to run the average household today?

To a large extent, that is generally the situation that most UK businesses face today. Numerous suppliers and organisations supplying goods and services just to keep your business compliant and functioning properly. 

So, imagine how cost-effective it would be to find a business supermarket that could supply all your goods and services under one roof?

It’s time to join our Business Supermarket today and let us help dramatically reduce your operating costs whilst taking the hassle away!

Welcome to the The Business Supermarket!

Richard Heath - Director, The Business Supermarket

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The Business Supermarket is proud to offer the following services


Workplace pensions are now compulsory.  Have you registered? Do you know your staging date?  Do you have a solution in mind?  All companies must have a scheme and a procedure in place for Auto Enrolment, and we are in the best position to help you.  Our Auto Enrolment experts will help you implement your scheme and take your employees through every stage of the Auto Enrolment process with ease and care.

The number of financial penalties issued for late staging and incorrect implementations grows every day.  Our team of Auto Enrolment specialists will work with you to meet your legal obligations.

Call today to avoid missing your deadline – 0333 443 2623


Every business wants to build and strengthen their customer base. Finding new customers is a constant challenge and can prove to be a really involved and time consuming process. Purchasing a lead is no guarantee of success, what you actually need is to get in front of the right person quickly and easily.

Our dedicated UK based telesales team will qualify data, talk to potential customers but go one step further and arrange your appointment.  How much easier would that be?

Appointed leads are the best way forward – less of your valuable time wasted on telephone calls and unqualified prospects.

Let’s work together to help you generate more customers – 0333 443 2623


Could you live on £38.00 per week?  This is not a trick question, the pension crisis is just around the corner.  For the past few years much of what you have read in the news has related to PPI claims and problems with the banking industry.  16 million Britons have never looked at or reviewed their pension since the day it began and assume it will provide security in retirement.

The markets have been so volatile of late that currently 65% of pensions in the UK are underperforming.  Do you really know how much yours is worth today?

Don’t panic we can help, with a comprehensive, no obligation pension review you can see how your pension is preforming and consider your options.

For your no obligation free pension review, call us today – 0333 443 2623

The Business Supermarket figures to date

R&D tax relief
974 reports submitted to HMRC in 2016
£17,000,000 identified in client benefits
£140,000 our single biggest claim to date

Government workplace pension – SBS Auto Enrol
20,000 companies enrolled to date through the Master Trust

Office supplies audits – Switch Business Solutions
£110,000 savings made to date for our existing clients on a like for like product basis

Lead & appointment generation
5,500 appointed leads generated to date

Web store – Office Shop is now LIVE! shop.officeshopuk.com
22,000 products available via the Office Shop

“Ask us how we could help your business today”

Richard Heath, Director & Founder, The Business Supermarket

Why use The Business Supermarket

Are you struggling to understand the Workplace Pension, how it affects you and what you need to do?  Would an extra pair of hands and eyes make all the difference to your business?

Using Richard and his team at The Business Supermarket has really helped my business in more ways than one.  Think of The Business Supermarket as your own business consultant, there to help guide you and take away any unnecessary hassle.

As I found out it’s not just workplace pensions or lead generation the The Business Supermarket can help with. They can add so much value to your business today and help increase your profits through cost saving benefits. I know when I need something for my business, my first call is to  The Business Supermarket team.

“The Business Supermarket, saved me time and money!”

John – Director, HTE Plant Ltd

Our team works hard on your behalf to help you succeed

We help take care of your business
We do all the hard work and show you where savings can be achieved

Introducing The Business Supermarket Team

I joined The Business Supermarket at its creation in order to establish a better quality of life for me and my family. Following 18 years as a successful, national Account Manager at a global, market leading organisation where the pressures of increasing sales targets were partnered with a decreasing earning potential. It was time for a fresh challenge and take my future and destiny into my own hands.

Through the numerous and connected product ranges, the The Business Supermarket creates an environment, freedom and vision to control my own future.

The The Business Supermarket opportunity creates an environment, freedom and vision to control my own future.  The directors share the same transparent and passionate vision of creating customers that allows me to introduce the full range of The Business Supermarket services.

Ian Wilkins

We believe in creating customer relationships, not just customers.  Within The Business Supermarket there’s a multitude of products/services available to businesses – using tried and tested suppliers – all under one roof!

We like to make things simple and take the hassle away……… We’re more than just a supplier ………. we’re a people-business – on hand to support our customers, whether face-to-face or at the other end of the phone.  Let’s take our Auto Enrol (Workplace Pension) solution as an example. We will:

  • offer face-to-face visits to explain the detail (employer’s legal obligations, eligibility criteria, contribution levels, etc) – in simple language
  • explain how the scheme works – so business owners understand what needs to happen and by when
  • monitor progress – making sure the customer is on track; addressing any questions or concerns along the way
  • provide additional support – at no extra cost – explaining the scheme to employees and answering any questions they might have
  • offer our expertise – to help take the “pain” away from the business owner, freeing up their time to concentrate on other priorities

At The Business Supermarket, we believe that attitude is everything …….. great customer service creates a great experience. It doesn’t get simpler than that!

Lisa North

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Let the numbers speak for themselves

companies auto enrolled to date through the master trust

appointed leads generated to date

single largest R&D claim to date

products available via the Office Shop

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Peace of mind for you and your business
The Business Supermarket has strategic partnerships with numerous UK companies, across thousands of products and services, all available through our Business Supermarket where, quality and customer service will always take precedence in everything that we do.  At The Business Supermarket, we appreciate that it can take years to build the right customer relationships, but seconds to lose that trust.  It’s therefore imperative that we collaborate with market leaders to provide our customers with the highest levels of quality and customer service.

Financial Services through The Business Supermarket
We have several financial service products available via our Business Supermarket.  Our role – as introducers within this market sector – is to guide and simplify the processes involved.  Once a customer’s requirements have been identified, a qualified Independent Financial Adviser (IFA) will then be appointed.  All contracted IFA’s are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), and therefore qualified to advise.  Your nominated Business Supermarket representative will be your personal customer service manager.  They are unable to offer financial advice, but will be on hand as your day to day point of contact.