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Has your office supplies prices increased? Call 0333 443 2623 today

We will save you money
– take control of your costs!

When was your last office supplies review?

Our existing clients have saved up to 30%
On a like for like product basis

The Business Supermarket Ltd

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0333 443 2623

We save customers an average of 20% on their office supplies

Some might find it strange but we are passionate about office equipment and supplies – helping to reduce costs without compromising the quality of service.

At The Business Supermarket we have access to a growing catalogue of 22,000 products. We offer a no obligation review service and would be happy to assess and analyse potential solutions based on your current requirements.  If we can’t enhance your current service offering, we’d equally be more than happy to tell you!

Are you happy with your current supplier?  Have you considered consolidation?

Average 20% cost reduction

Supplying you with the great office supplies solutions is what we do best at the Office Shop.  We have contracts with a range of suppliers and focus on matching the customers requirements with the best service offering.

Your own Office Shop

How would you like access to 22,000 office products at the very best prices, ordered online and delivered directly to you?  Try office shop today and see for yourself.

Office Shop profit share

Not only can we achieve a 20% average cost saving across office products, but Office Shops profit share is an ideal way to save you even more money.

saving you money on your office supplies
reduce your office stationery by 20%
online office shop portal

You can order 22,000 office products at the very best prices online

office shop uk, office web shop

Our existing clients have saved up to 30%
On a like for like product basis

No Hidden Extras

A breath of fresh air, with no hidden extras! I’d strongly suggest contacting Office Shop. Their office supplies solution is way ahead of its time and leaves the competition standing. If your business isn’t taking advantage of “Profit Share” from Office Shop – it should be!

Call the team for a no obligation, friendly chat.

“taking advantage of Profit Share”

When was your last office supplies review?

Save an average 20% on office supplies
Ask how we can help you today

I thought we were getting a good deal, out of the blue, we received a notification from our current supplier that we were in line for a 16% price increase on everything we purchased, right across the board!

The increase was explained as due to currency rate fluctuations and our impending exit from Europe. We begrudgingly accepted it, but weren’t happy about it.

By coincidence we’d been working with a team of consultants who had auto enrolled our company into the new government workplace pension scheme. The service had been excellent and the whole process was implemented very professionally.

The company was The Business Supermarket. They also have a cost reduction division, specialising in all things office equipment and supplies related, so I contacted them for an initial chat.

I’m so glad I did because, after signing a non-disclosure document with them, we took advantage of their free, no obligation review service.

The whole thing took about 10 days but the results were staggering. The benchmark was completed using a number of local and national suppliers, with every product benchmarked on a like-for-like basis.

We now have access to nett contract pricing on over 22,000 products, with savings currently running at 20% of our original pricing.

I wish we’d done this years ago!

Traditionally we have always purchased our office supplies from an agreed core list of nett priced items, supported by a reasonable discount off the rest of a main catalogue.

That changed when we joined forces with Office Shop who completed a full review of our requirements.

We’ve saved a fortune on our non-core lines, which were obviously way overpriced to compensate for the core products lines, totally defeating the objective in our opinion.

We now have contract pricing covering all our product needs, along with a revolutionary profit-share solution. I have peace of mind that our requirements, whatever they might be in a changing business environment, will be exceptionally competitively priced. I would suggest that everyone takes advantage of this free consultancy offering – it comes highly recommended!

Peace of mind for you and your business
The Business Supermarket has strategic partnerships with numerous UK companies, across thousands of products and services, all available through our Business Supermarket where, quality and customer service will always take precedence in everything that we do.  At The Business Supermarket, we appreciate that it can take years to build the right customer relationships, but seconds to lose that trust.  It’s therefore imperative that we collaborate with market leaders to provide our customers with the highest levels of quality and customer service.

Financial Services through the The Business Supermarket
We have several financial service products available via our Business Supermarket.  Our role – as introducers within this market sector – is to guide and simplify the processes involved.  Once a customer’s requirements have been identified, a qualified Independent Financial Adviser (IFA) will then be appointed.  All contracted IFA’s are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), and therefore qualified to advise.  Your nominated The Business Supermarket representative will be your personal customer service manager.  They are unable to offer financial advice, but will be on hand as your day to day point of contact.

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