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R&D tax relief - we help claim back the tax you are due - t:0333 443 2623

Tax relief for your research
– Claim back your tax!

Specialists in R&D tax relief

Our sole focus is R&D tax claims
We excel – and specialise in – retrospective and current year R&D

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0333 443 2623

We’re proven experts in dealing with R&D tax relief

At RD Tax Solutions, our focus is R&D tax claims. We’re proven experts in the field with extensive knowledge of what is a highly specialist area of taxation. We work with companies of all sizes and from all sectors to raise their awareness of this area – and help them claim back the tax relief they are due for their R&D activity.


  • A record 974 reports were submitted to HMRC by RD Tax Solutions
  • We have identified over £17 million in client tax benefits. That’s £7 million more than the previous year!!
  • The highest client tax benefit was just over £140,000 for a client within the Mechanical Engineering sector, which was received in the form of a tax credit.

We help companies claim back the tax relief they are due for their R&D activity

Who are RD Tax Solutions?

RD Tax Solutions are a nationwide Research & Development specialist. They excel and specialise exclusively in retrospective and current year R&D reporting…

Why RD Tax Solutions?

RD Tax Solutions are experts in what is a highly complex area of taxation. They’ve helped companies across the UK, and from all sectors, recover £ millions…

What is R&D tax relief?

R&D tax relief is a government tax incentive, designed to reimburse innovative companies for any costs they have occurred in this area of their business.

RD Tax Credits
RD Tax Solutions
RD Tax Credit Experts

The highest tax benefit claimed was just over £140,000 for a single client

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R&D tax claims can be made retrospectively
Claims can go back two open tax years

Claim for R&D Tax Relief

We recently engaged RD Tax Solutions for the purpose of exploring a claim for R&D tax relief. This was offered to us on a “no win, no fee” basis.

We held an initial meeting at our office for fact finding purposes.RD Tax Solutions set out clearly what they required in terms of management information and meeting the various people within our business. There followed one further meeting whereby various individuals were introduced to obtain a clear understanding of their roles. A further three conversations by phone took place and these, along with the previous meetings took up approximately 2.5 hours of our time. As a result of this, our Corporation Tax Liability was basically halved (this was a significant sum).

We have found RD Tax Solutions to be professional, non-intrusive and they only touched base when absolutely necessary. We would strongly suggest that any business explores the potential of such a claim and if they do, we would happily recommend that they engage with RD Tax Solutions.

“We have found RD Tax Solutions to be professional”

Head of Finance, IT Business, Central London

Specialists in R&D tax relief

Our sole focus is R&D tax claims
We excel – and specialise in – retrospective and current year R&D

After our initial contact with RD Tax Solutions a meeting was arranged for early April.

Our year end is 30th April leaving very little time to complete our tax relief claim. RD Tax Solutions carried out a thorough investigation of our records and processes and took all this information away with them for further examination. Further information was then requested from key personnel within our company to complete and finalise our claim within this very short timeframe.

I was expecting to be jumping hurdles and being placed under pressure to complete deadlines but the whole process was carried out in a very smooth and professional manner. The result was a successful claim and additional revenue for further investment in our business. Thank you, RD Tax Solutions.

Steve Burton, Managing Director – Burton Power Ltd

I felt the service we received from RD Tax Solutions was first class. It was seamless from start to finish. The work visits were friendly and informative and not at all intrusive, they were easy to understand, the staff involved were polite and explained everything clearly and didn’t mind the hundred questions asked by me at times.

The speed of the actual claim was about 8 weeks in total and we received the money within a few weeks of getting the letter informing of us of the value. I would definitely recommend RD Tax Solutions to anyone who was considering this service – couldn’t fault it at all, thank you

Kath Parr, Accountant – Imperative Training

Peace of mind for you and your business
The Business Supermarket has strategic partnerships with numerous UK companies, across thousands of products and services, all available through our Business Supermarket where, quality and customer service will always take precedence in everything that we do.  At The Business Supermarket, we appreciate that it can take years to build the right customer relationships, but seconds to lose that trust.  It’s therefore imperative that we collaborate with market leaders to provide our customers with the highest levels of quality and customer service.

Financial Services through the The Business Supermarket
We have several financial service products available via our Business Supermarket.  Our role – as introducers within this market sector – is to guide and simplify the processes involved.  Once a customer’s requirements have been identified, a qualified Independent Financial Adviser (IFA) will then be appointed.  All contracted IFA’s are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), and therefore qualified to advise.  Your nominated The Business Supermarket representative will be your personal customer service manager.  They are unable to offer financial advice, but will be on hand as your day to day point of contact.

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