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The Business Supermarket: Unique One-Stop Shop for All Things and Services a Business Needs - The Business Supermarket

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The Business Supermarket: Unique One-Stop Shop for All Things and Services a Business Needs

Summary: As everyone who visits a grocery supermarket today knows, the range of products and services available under one roof is vast. The everyday challenges we all face – juggling time, money and ever-changing priorities – mean that they have become an integral part of daily life.

For anyone running a business in the UK, the challenges are no different. Imagine how much easier life could be with a supermarket designed specifically to meet the needs of a business. The good news is that this does exist – at The Business Supermarket.

Some of the challenges of running a business today include the time/cost involved in researching service providers, achieving the required result and value for money. The Business Supermarket provides ready access to a wide range of suppliers and solutions, whether the goal is to create new customers, achieve tangible growth, source employee benefit ideas, implement a Workplace Pension or buy their general office supplies, maybe all of these …. And more.

The good news is that we have the answer. UK business owners can save their valuable time, by accessing our website and using the many services and products that we have sourced for them.

The Business Supermarket is different from anything that has gone before. A common sense, jargon- free approach from a team of like-minded people with a “can do” attitude, complemented by an ever-growing directory of business products and services, has helped to achieve remarkable results for their customers.

Just some of the services offered include:

  • Lead generation (appointed leads)
  • The Workplace Pension (auto enrolment)
  • HR business services
  • R&D (corporate) tax relief
  • Estate Planning (e.g. power of attorney, wills, etc)
  • Employee benefits
  • Office supplies
  • Facilities supplies
  • Outsourced sales
  • Cost reduction
  • Accountancy services

A comprehensive list is available at http://thebusinesssupermarket.org

The Business Supermarket aims to help UK businesses grow in every way possible. We have negotiated preferential rates with our suppliers which we, in turn, can pass on to your organization; bulk pricing for individual companies.

With a Head Office in Sheffield, the team offers national coverage of like-minded people with proven track records in a variety of business to business related fields – e.g. sales, account management, customer service, lead generation etc.We will work with you to take the stress out of running your business. Just take a look at our website http://thebusinesssupermarket.org and get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

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