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Grant Ashington - I am innovative and solutions oriented.

Grant Ashington

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” I specialise in helping your business reduce energy costs “

  –  Grant Ashington

I graduated with a degree in Fine Art and Marketing Management. I am passionate and focused on assisting business to better understand and develop sales and marketing strategies that deliver a clear message, add value to their partnership networks and drive sales growth.

My career has included roles in both South Africa and the UK. On leaving SA I worked as a Senior Financial Advisor with Old Mutual plc.

My experience has seen me working with or for both large corporates and SME businesses: Office Depot plc, Banner Business Services plc, BskyB plc, Campbell & Kennedy Ltd, SESCO Ltd, Smart Innovations Grid Ltd. and Smith Bros. Ltd.

I will help you save money – Ask me how!

I specialise in energy and renewables, call me to discuss your account

I am motivated to reduce your costs
My hard work will help your business

Grant Ashington    call me today 0333 443 2623

I have developed a delivery partnership network in both the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Markets, my experience in this area ranges across multiple technologies.

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