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Richard Heath - I can make a positive impact on your business today

Richard Heath

” We can make a positive impact on your business today “

  –  Richard Heath

Founder of The Business Supermarket, I have spent most of my working life within the office equipment and supplies industry. I have held various senior sales management roles within Ofrex, Guilbert UK and more recently Office Depot, until leaving the business back in October 2014 to strike out on my own.

Winning the coveted “National Sales Award for Sales Management” back in 2008 highlighted how important working with a motivated, professional team of like-minded people is. Recreating that same team spirt and ethos in our business today was always going to be the goal.

I have had the honour and privilege to both recruit and work alongside some amazing people over the years and I am very pleased to say, that several of that award-winning team work within our business today.

I created office shop to save you money – Ask me how!

Work with us today and see the difference in your profits tomorrow

I am passionate about helping your business
My hard working team will work for your business success

Richard Heath    call me today 0333 443 2623

I am a great believer that people do, genuinely, buy from people and creating the right customer experience is critical to any business. We are firmly on the right track as a business and will continue to improve our customer experience throughout everything we do.

We believe the OfficeShop UK concept is exciting, massively supportive and extremely useful to SME businesses across the UK. Teamed with outstanding customer service and support, we truly believe that we can have a major positive impact on your business in so many ways.

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